We’d like to continue the conversation and expand on the punk-rock mindset that challenges norms and brings conversations from the margins to the center of the conversation. 

Topic: In our last issue a lot of creative work highlighted (be)longing, home, and the immigrant experience. This time we would like to dive deeper into aspects of love, intimacy and creativity. Through topics such as music, sex, friendship, dating, fashion, masculinity, the role of love in doing and defining work, the relation of love in community strengthening/building, and movement building in the digital era. 

However, we encourage you to submit whatever it is that gives you a sense of urgency – funny, sad, heavy, light (as these don't exist in binaries). It is important to us to be able to use this magazine to frame our existences as multi-dimensional beings. We do not cater to the Western or white gaze. If there is something you want to say, but you don’t know how to articulate it, we are happy to help.

Who can submit: Open to all creatives who experience "othering".

What to submit: We are looking for contributions in form of short stories, poems, non-fiction prose, social/cultural/political commentary, op-eds, illustrations, photography, cartoons, drawings, satire, fashion and other creative forms of expression. Submissions are welcome in your preferred language.

Yes - we want your submissions to be punk. To be punk means to challenge norms, critically engage and challenge conformity, to speak and make space for conversations and realities that happen at the margins.

Please send your work (or any questions/concerns) to afghanpunk.magazine@gmail.com 

If you would like your work to be anonymous please indicate so with your submission. You can also contact Armeghan if you want to be involved in the making of the Magazine and contribute with collective ideas.

We are accepting submissions until Sunday, April 6th.